Having a residence in an ideal Housing Scheme sounds very fascinating but finding one is a bit difficult in current real estate scenarios of Pakistan. Sahara City, a housing scheme, is actively working to resolve the problems that investors, buyers and individuals that want to build their house with its 1-Kanal plots for sale. The society is situated at an ideal location from the city life of Pakpattan and connects with many other roads. Apart from that, this housing scheme is a complete package to consider purchasing plots for sale and constructing your beautiful, spacious and ideal bungalow in spiritual city of Pakpattan. Here a comprehensive list of features this society offers with its 1-Kanal plots for sale.

Interpret Your Residential Ideas

Offering its plots for sale, Sahara City is the perfect housing scheme to build your dream villa at an ideal location that is situated at the west of society and links to N-5. Eliminating the cost issue, the housing scheme provides you multiple options to give shape to your dream residence. Decide what kind of construction do you want in your new residence? Do you want to keep the traditional architectural essence or want your new address to be completely futuristic and in line with new masonry approaches? Select the location, make an investment and reserve the plot for sale and initiate constructional procedure as soon as you want.

Spacious Land Measurement

With the new passage of time, a tendency can be witnessed in decreasing per Marla measurement that eventually impacts on the total area of land. Developers of Sahara City value the emotions and investments that the end customer is willing to make in the plots for sale for constructing the ideal home. This is the reason that they have kept the actual measurement of per Marla (which is 272 sq ft per Marla) instead of reducing the land area. This means you get the actual area of land in return for your investment against 1 Kanal plot in Sahara City. More land, more chances to leverage your constructional plans and reside the way you want in your beautiful villa.

Wide Carpeted Streets & Roads

Imagine you construct a very beautiful villa that reciprocates your views and thoughts about an artistic residence but the surrounding is very congested. Do you think that your beautiful residence will be appreciated with its clear view depicting the architectural wonders that you’ve invested in? Absolutely not! While planning this housing scheme, the developers of Sahara City Pakpattan have taken every measure in the account. In these measures, the streets and roads hold significant importance that let the viewer have a clear vision of your villa from a considerable distance. All plots for sale have a considerable distance between them which allow the owner to enjoy compliments and appraisals by passersby and people standing outside the villa.

Ideal Housing Scheme Facilities

Sahara City not just cares about the location of construction but also pays due attention to the surroundings of your future premises. This housing scheme provides multiple facilities to you for maintaining a sound and ideal lifestyle in the new housing scheme once your villa construction is completed. From theme parks to educational institutes and market to STATE-OF-THE-ART Masjid, this society has everything that you expect to see in an ideal housing scheme.

Sahara City is one of the latest projects of Sahara Builders near Pakpattan City and offers multiple plots to cater your constructional needs. Please don’t be hesitant to contact us for any further inquiries.

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