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Owning a house is one of the best things that could happen in once life if you are living into this part of Asia where personal property is regarded as one of the essential elements of status quo. Offering 10 Marla land for sale in Pakpattan, Sahara City helps you achieve this objective with ease. The construction work has already been started and is nearing its completion with a rapid pace and the society is all set to offer you an elite lifestyle once its all finished for the residents to come and reside into beautiful houses. Given the completion speed scenarios, this is the best time to make an investment and secure your 10 Marla Plots For Sale and keep your money secure with a guarantee of double profits. Here are some features that Sahara City offers in its 10 Marla land for sale in Pakpattan.

Best Location

The developers at Sahara City have kept the cutting of 10 Marla plots for sale very strategic and ideal according to your preference. Each plot has been kept at an ideal distance from its neighboring land for sale in Pakpattan so you can fulfill your dream to build an ideal house for your family in Pakpattan. Each plot shares an ideal measurement of 273 sq ft per Marla that allows you to enjoy a bigger piece of land than usual. Once completed, the house will give an appealing view of its surroundings that have been all added very carefully during the finalization process of the society.

Ease of Commute

While planning the society’s initial structure, the developers have kept every aspect in account to make Sahara City an ideal housing scheme. This housing scheme offers very means of transportation for a wide array of transportation means that includes sedans, SUVs, motorcycle, cyclists and even the pedestrians. You can benefit from the multiple entry/exit points of Sahara City when you decide to purchase 10 Marla land for sale in Pakpattan in this housing scheme. These entry/exit points allow you to reach the main city in few minutes of traveling either on a vehicle or on foot. It also connects with you with the highway with ease whenever you want to depart the city or heading back home.

Elite Facilities

The developers of Sahara City have included all the ideal features that a notable housing scheme should offer to its residents. There is a state-of-the-art Masjid that allows you to make connection five times a day with your Creator on a very short distance from the 10 Marla plots for sale. You also get to have a mini golf course to keep up with your passion for golf. There are parks, there is community club and there is everything that you wish to have within your reach when you want to enjoy your weekends. And this all comes with a smart decision when you select Sahara City 10 Marla plots for sale to make your next residential property.

Wide Carpeted Roads

Streets and roads also impact on a housing schemes reputation and also influence once decisions with respect to plots for sale. We understand this aspect of your decision-making approach and this is why we have kept the roads and streets wide to meet your living standards. Imagine a 40×50 feet wide road in front of your main gate that further glorifies your residence with its ideal width and connects you with the main boulevard. And not only this, the developers have also included the parking lot very strategic and ideal with respect to the surroundings.
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