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5 Reasons To Invest In Commercial Plots For Sale In Pakpattan

Pakistani real estate industry has seen different phases due to economic instability in past few decades but now it is marching towards stability. If we assume that the economy will improve over the coming years then this is the best time to invest your money in real estate and make a safe investment. Again, the challenge shows up when you have to select between residential or commercial Plots For Sale in Pakpattan. So we thought to simplify this riddle with our market knowledge to empower you about the right property investment.




So first thing first, commercial properties have more rental potential in comparison to residential units that do attract residents but fail to bring larger portion of profits. Let’s compare this with an example! A 3 bedroom house would usually have around 15000/- monthly rent and you’ll get to make about 180,000/- in next 12 months. In comparison to that, a commercial property of same space would bring about 300,000/- if the monthly rent is around 30,000/-. This is one of the main reasons that investors should purchase commercial plots for sale in Pakpattan to recover their investment quickly.




Secondly, there is a prominent demand perspective when we compare residential properties with commercial plots for sale in Pakpattan. What I mean to say is that a tenant in commercial property would want more facilities up and running and pay more to avail these facilities 24/7. Whereas in residential property the demand or urgency to avail facilities might not be on peak because there is no commercial activity taking place. If you have a commercial property in a good location and with necessary facilities, you can demand a higher rental amount than usual rent rate.




See, you want to invest in a property to generate some income, right? If we talk about residential properties, the lease contracts usually has 11-12 months which means you may have to look for a new tenant for your empty residential premise, right? But when you purchase commercial plot for sale in Pakpattan, you get to have longer lease contracts with the tenant. If we evaluate things with a practical approach, no office or business concern would want to renew its rental contracts every year and pay an increased amount. So they tend to select 5-15 years of lease contracts to control their rental expenses and you get to enjoy a reasonable income stream for a longer period of time.




Emotions are good only when they are not impacting on our financial position. If you’re an investor and purchasing the commercial plots for sale in Pakpattan then you’d want to recover your investment ASAP, right? Now if you purchase a residential unit, you might find some tenants that find the location very interesting and develop personal attachments that compels them to pay as much rent as you demand. But this formula wouldn’t be ideal for every tenant and your profit calculations might go wrong so it is wise to invest in a commercial property where people act logically rather than emotionally.




If your goal is to secure the money by investing in real estate and you have no plans to liquidate it then commercial plots for sale in Pakpattan are ideal for you. As stated earlier, the commercial properties tend to have a higher ROI rate in comparison to residential properties. And secondly, the longer leasing scenarios help you maintain a safe and lucrative income stream out of your real estate investment and you can enjoy a second income.

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