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Congratulations to all the investors and businessmen, because at Gwadar port trade activity has officially begun. There is a great scope for all the investors for Gwadar Investment because of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and since we know that a lot of investors are looking to get a piece of land in Gwadar, we tried to put together some useful things to help you all get the most out of your investments. Let us tell you how:

Don’t Fall To The Cheaper Price Tag

Nowadays buying a property in Gwadar is a very hot topic because of the attractive prices and CPEC. Do not rush into it because something looks cheap now and maybe can’t produce anything in return later. Before making any kind of Gwadar investment, look all the options carefully and assess them deeply before payment. Sometimes, an unbelievable cheap price can be a sign of danger. Do not ignore litigations and always avoid property scams.

Do Research Before Payment

While you are planning to make a Gwadar investment, the next logical question which can come to your mind is: how an investor can find out if an offer is fraudulent or real? Well for this, you should start the research. Think about it, Gwadar is not an area known to many and not all the people can visit the site frequently. If you have selected a property that you want to put your money into then start first by going to reputable developers. Discuss with few marketing agents who are dealing in Gwadar and get an idea about the rates from multiple sources before deciding on the property you want to purchase.

Gwadar Development Authority (GDA)

You can easily find GDA website on the internet, which is actually a decent pit stop for your Gwadar investment journey. The authority has mentioned a complete list of housing societies that were launched in the area. You can see on their website if the place you are investing in is approved and stable. Even the status of the no-objection certificates (NOC) can be checked on the website. No better place to weed out the bad ones than here.

Don’t Stay Behind The Scenes

While making a Gwadar investment, the majority of investors don’t look at the property. Make sure you visit the area at least to have one look before you buy because most of the part in Gwadar is still remote. You should know where the project is actually located, how far away it is from important developments, and more. While you are at it, head to the GDA office and see under what the terms and conditions the NOC has been issued to the society. The authority should be able to tell you how much land was transferred to the developer, share town plans and even maps for the area. This way you will not end up a victim of societies that have 1,000 plots but sell them ten times over.

The Provisional Registration Form

If you are interested to buy a property in Gwadar than you should not ignore The Provisional Registration Form for the allottee of the Private Scheme document after you have made a payment. It is also available on GDA official website, the form will help to confirm that the money which you paid against the property is actually an authentic payment, and will not be resold behind your back. Check it out here how it goes: Fill up the form and send it back to the Office of Director Town Planning (the information can be found at the bottom of the form). The authority responds to requests for information within five working days. Once you get the final confirmation from the GDA, you will be satisfied. Since the GDA has all the information on approved housing societies in the area – including the maps, master plans and more – it will be able to tell you whether you really own the piece of land that was sold to you.
Where Gwadar investment is an excellent opportunity for all the investors, Sahara City is also a great option for them to invest. It is located on Sahiwal road 4 km near to Pakpattan. The Plots being offered in Sahara City are both commercial and residential. Commercial plots are being offered in 1, 2 & 3 Marla, while residential plots are 3, 5, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. The society is going to feature parks, mosques, university and a commercial area, so it is definitely an option that should be considered.  The location is not just serene and green, it also provides ease to several supermarkets and shopping centers, which will take care of all your consumer needs. We have ensured that the society is not missing in any facility or service necessary for a comfortable lifestyle.

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