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A land is an asset for everyone and owning it is a difficult task in itself. Due to Real Estate Marketing and advertising, it becomes very complex for making a decision for purchasing a plot according to your budget. The question at hand is why you need to buy a plot? Do you want to build a house on it for residency or you want to build it for the sake of revenue? Do you want to build a commercial plaza or shop and then sell it out or you want to construct a commercial plaza and then rent out the shops? The choice of plot totally depends upon the purpose. You can look for a corner plot if you want to reside there in future or a big piece of land if you want to build a commercial plaza. So first decide, what you want to do with that piece of land? If you are planning to buy a plot then buy it for sure but follow certain key steps. Here is a list of important things to consider before buying a plot. Look all these points before you make a payment in return for a plot.


It’s a very old and common saying, Location, Location, and Location but still applies in modern age during the decision making phase. The first question about a property often asked is: Where is that plot which you have bought? If we keep all the real estate marketing and advertising aside then the worth of the property completely depends upon the location. A plot of 20 Marla in Pakpattan may be of more worth than a plot of 40 Marla in the remote area. So look for the location and then decide that is the location worth your investment?


It is always worthy to have facilities around your plot and also consider your core purpose when looking for a plot. If you want to reside in future after building a home then you need to have all the auxiliaries around you, like market, hospital, school, pharmacy and shopping center etc. And if you want to sell it in future, you need to have all the facilities around, to make property worthy and further appreciate its value. You can easily evaluate all these things through the real estate marketing the developers are doing to attract you. So make a wise choice and look for the maximum facilities in that housing scheme.


Have you ever realized that you might be trading exhaust fumes from city buses, rickshaws, and motorcycle rickshaws and for the odors produced by some wheel cart animals? Some wheel cart animals such as horses and donkeys produce an odor that travels for miles. Horses along country roads drop steaming piles of waste. It’s not like anybody carries along a plastic bag and picks up after their horses. It would be perfect to have a park, trees, and plants near to your plot especially if you are planning to build a house for yourself. While looking at all the real estate marketing and advertising material, do look what the developers have done for waste management in the society.


One very useful aspect should not be overlooked when you read all the real estate marketing and advertising materials and that is the utilities that you’ve been promised to be offered in that society. What else are you getting against your investment in that particular society apart from water, gas and electricity, think about it? Let say, the plot doesn’t have proper water supply and you have to dig within the land to obtain water. No doubt that this would cost you a considerable amount after every few years of the developer hasn’t arranged for proper water supply. Would you invest in such a plot that lacks in basic facilities, let alone the additional features?


Just like when we shop, we consider the trending styles of that time it is very important that we consider the architectures of the society in which we tend to have a property. Whether you want footpaths, bike paths, parks, sports clubs, schools and shopping within walking distance or the nearest neighbor a mile away? It is very important that the housing scheme provides that exact lifestyle which you aspire in a community around your new house. Select a housing society that offers a decent environment where you could be sure about the upbringing of your children and safety of your family.

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