Ceo Message
Ceo Message


Firstly, I welcome you to this section of Sahara City!

Being a realtor for over 25 years, I learned that a society is not just built with bricks, mortar and few masons but it takes more than that in which vision tops the list. When we build, we take into account all those vivid thoughts that anyone may expect, a dream that they see with open eyes so they could feel that very experience in their lifestyle. We have used this unconventional approach of building societies in different region of the country. The core idea of building Sahara City was to instill that very essence of a modern lifestyle and replace the conventional construction approaches of Pakpattan’s residents. Our vision was to bring this newness and unparallel architectural approach through Sahara City that our other successful ventures contain. The society is planned to be one of its kind in Pakpattan district so you never have to look elsewhere to purchase a luxurious premise that combines all the ideal features of a futuristic housing scheme. Sahara City does not just answer the queries for your residential needs but also caters the commercial requirements of business individuals to further expand their businesses.

It may not be wrong to say that this society is a beginning of a new lifestyle!

Mian Zaheer Ahmed
Mian Zaheer Ahmed

About us

Sahara City – a housing scheme in Pakpattan – brings new architectural designs and contemporary lifestyle for the residents of Pakpattan city with it. We, the Sahara Builders, are very pleased to announce our new projects – Sahara City – in the city of mystics that is marketed by Konstruct Marketing.

This housing scheme is inspired with the idea of providing luxury houses on market competitive prices, 4 year’s easy installment, and enable the buyers to purchase plots of different cuttings without considering price issues, location or purchasing power a second thought. With 272 feet per Marla plots, Sahara City meets the definition of your dream housing society in the heart of Punjab in true words.

We selected the land for initiating this housing scheme at a very ideal location to keep the element of easy commute for its residents. The society is situated at the nearest distance from Pakpattan city (at 8KM from Pakpattan) and has a 4KM distance from Jamal Chowk. The connection with N5 Multan road and Sahiwal Road is another reason for finalizing this site for Sahara City’s construction.

Our aim was to offer our beloved countrymen a housing scheme that is linked with multiple cities instead of surrounding itself with few towns. And by the grace of Allah Almighty, Sahara City links to various important cities of Punjab including Pakpattan, Dipalpur, Sahiwal, Okara and Arifwala.

The Sahara Builders have the privilge to work on one of Pakistan's prominent construction wonders including Green Vista Farms, Hayr Housing Society and Winner Apartments and aspire to continue this tradition of building remarkable housing scheme in shape of Sahara City. We aim to include every elite facility in Sahara City that makes life safe, harmonious and joyous for the residents.

To achieve this objective, we included all luxury facilities in Sahara City like society's own community club, mini golf club and parks with jogging track. The 100 feet wide carpeted main boulevard is another proof of true endeavors of the builders that helps the commercial area in connecting with residential section of the society and provides a comfortable commuting facility for general public.

Where we made our utmost effort to keep Sahara City an elite housing scheme, we never forgot to provide basic facilities for the general public. Sahara City has its own hospital that would be built on state-of-the-art architectural patterns and offer best treatment facilities in town.

This housing scheme gracefully caters to your children's needs with educational institutes offering international standard of education. The housing scheme is situated adjacent to the University of Lahore and offers a fair chance to your children to get higher education without leaving their home. The developers have smartly provided the residential facilities for male and female students with separate hostels that are enrolled in the University of Lahore.

The aim of Sahara Builders is to make Sahara City Punjab’s best housing scheme and they have shown their kind thoughts and vision in their grey structure plan. The society has underground electrification, 24/7 computerized security for the residents and advance sewerage disposal system that makes this housing scheme one of your ideal housing scheme of Pakistan.

Past Projects

Sahara City is another venture of Sahara Builders after successfully completing major projects that mark our dedication towards giving society a wonderful lifestyle experience. We have the privilege of building below mentioned projects in projected time period.

  • Winner Apartments (Mall Road, LHR)
  • Center Point Mall (Jaranwala Road, FSD)
  • Green Vista Farms (Bedian Road, LHR)
  • Arch Farmhouses (Bedian Road, LHR)
  • Thethar Garden (Bedian Road, LHR)
  • Hayr Housing Society (Bedian Road, LHR)

Facilities in Sahara City are