Ceo Message
Ceo Message


Firstly, I welcome you to this section of Sahara City!

Being a realtor for over 25 years, I learned that a society is not just built with bricks, mortar and few masons but it takes more than that in which vision tops the list. When we build, we take into account all those vivid thoughts that anyone may expect, a dream that they see with open eyes so they could feel that very experience in their lifestyle. We have used this unconventional approach of building societies in different region of the country. The core idea of building Sahara City was to instill that very essence of a modern lifestyle and replace the conventional construction approaches of Pakpattan’s residents. Our vision was to bring this newness and unparallel architectural approach through Sahara City that our other successful ventures contain. The society is planned to be one of its kind in Pakpattan district so you never have to look elsewhere to purchase a luxurious premise that combines all the ideal features of a futuristic housing scheme. Sahara City does not just answer the queries for your residential needs but also caters the commercial requirements of business individuals to further expand their businesses.

It may not be wrong to say that this society is a beginning of a new lifestyle!

Mian Zaheer Ahmed
Mian Zaheer Ahmed

Plots Rate 25% Down Payment *Partial Payment
After Every 12 Months
48 Monthly Installment
3.5 MARLA 14,00,000 3,50 000 100,000 15,625
3.75 MARLA 15,00,000 3,75,000 100,000 177,188
5 MARLA 20 00,000 500,000 150,000 21,875
10 MARLA 35 00,000 8,75,000 - 54,688
1 KANAL 70,00,000 17,50,000 - 109,375
Plots Rate 25% Down Payment 48 Monthly Installment
1.10 MARLA 11,00,000 275,000 17,188
2.20 MARLA 22,00,000 550,000 34,375
3.30 MARLA 33,00,000 825,000 51,563

Facilities in Sahara City are