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Are The New Housing Schemes in Sahiwal Safe For Purchasing?

In this unpredictable life, we seek security in every other thing then why not expect a guarantee of legitimacy when buying property? There are so many New Housing Schemes in Sahiwal that claim to be the best choice for your investment. But are they really worth your money, time and expectations that you raise while purchasing the property? What I mean here is that what legal metrics do you have to assure the legitimacy and safety of these new housing schemes in Sahiwal? The management of Sahara City believes in staying loyal and helpful to the citizen of Pakistan that are interested in purchasing a plot for sale and constructing their new house. With this spirit, we thought why not give you the key metrics to decide if a society is safe for your investment or not?


It is highly recommended that you check total area of the new housing schemes in Sahiwal that is approved by land development authority. This is very important aspect to look when you’re shortlisting housing societies for purchasing a plot. The reason for emphasizing on total land area’s verification is that if the developers exceed from the approved area, it can get banned by the developing authorities. What if you purchase a plot without verification and get to know about the illegal notice later? Your investment could be jeopardize with the faith of the housing scheme.

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All new housing schemes in Sahiwal are given a period of 5 years for completing the construction work. Some tend to give possession in 2 years where others miss to transfer the possession of plot to the buyer in this period due to delay in construction work. It’d be too early to state anything about the management’s punctuality but you can see the previous projects to evaluate their dealings. If they’ve met the set requirement and completed the construction work within 5 years, you can trust on their words. But if they had a bad reputation in this regard, you should rethink about your final decision and start looking for more new housing schemes in Sahiwal.


All new housing schemes in Sahiwal usually submit the module of grey structure of their society to obtain the NOC from respective land developing authority. Upon approval, this module constitutes all their construction work and guides the project head with respect to construction work. As a buyer, your duty is to make sure that the society is built on the approved grey structure and there aren’t any changes made in the approved design. If you find any such problem, this is basically a red flag for you to not invest in that housing scheme.


It is very important for you to ensure that the prospective new housing schemes in Sahiwal have an approved connection for electricity, gas and water supply. Firstly, these are the essential facilities of everyday life and secondly, you wouldn’t want to live in a cave, right? Suppose, you have purchased a very modern villa in one of these new housing schemes in Sahiwal but there is no sufficient arrangement of above mentioned facilities then would you prefer living without them? This is one of the essential benchmark to decide if a society is safe to invest your money or not.

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