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Selling a House can be risky and challenging, but when you have Land for Sale it’s a totally different game plan, especially without the help of a real estate agent. Selling a plot without a real estate agent can save your huge amount of money and real estate commissions as well, but at the same time, it could be risky too if you are selling for the first time or if you have no idea about property dealing. A lot of things should be kept in mind before looking for potential buyers. Here are some tips below for selling a plot.


The first impression is always crucial in real estate. You should never leave out your dirty laundry for buyers to see when selling your home. Similarly, you should mark up and clean your plot before it is marketed and sold. Remove trash, waste, level the grass or weeds, fill up the holes and take some pictures of your plot when you feel that it is looking at its best. Sometimes even plants and wildflowers can give a good look to make your empty plot more attractive. Boundaries can also be a plus point for you because if you do so the attractive buyer can assume the size of a plot easily. Buyers will be encouraged to buy due to the useful information provided. You can also use some pictures of the site, its natural features and view from your property. Also, maps can be used to show where the plot is located and its boundaries.


Price is one of the major factors to attract buyers. To set too high price is a big mistake which seller mostly makes and regrets. The wrong price makes it longer for the plot to sell by scaring away buyers. You must be realistic in setting the price which should not be higher than the market price. Developed plots may have a clear market price based on recent sales. Buyers intended use of the property can greatly affect the price to be set. For example, if a buyer intends to build a high-end property, then the price per Marla would be higher than a single home.


Before you are planning to sell your plot, always be sure that all your paperwork has been done properly, because if you don’t have your documents in order, you can’t sell your plot. The documents like purchase agreement, disclosure document, deed etc should be in hand.


Hiring a knowledgeable professional will always help when selling your plot. There are many advantages for having specialized expertise on board, so we encourage you to work with a real estate agency that specializes in a lot and land sales. They will give you knowledge about the market, will set a price and will market your land to the right buyers. Selling Plot has its unique challenges and strategies when compared to selling a home.


More than 90% of property searches start online, marketing with online estate agent means your property will be listed on top. They can even provide you with a for sale board to generate extra viewings from passing traffic. When you sign-up, and if you’ve selected the options, they will visit your property to take photos, draw up a map and write a description and can assist with your property valuation. They will also arrange viewings, contact prospective buyers for feedback after viewings and help negotiate the best price and offer for your property. They will than help you in every step of the way until your property sale. Selling your house online will be quick, secure and with less commission fees.


Whether you decide to sell your land in the rural area or one plot in an urban society, the seller should ask the surrounding neighbors about purchasing the property before putting it up for sale. In this way, the land seller can sell the land to one of the neighbors and it relieves him or her from having to put together a marketing plan to promote the selling of the land, and payment of estate agent commission.

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